Official Launch of SMPS-GA Blog

So what is a blog?
Blog comes from the term web log. A blog displays information in reverse chronological order. Typically a blog provides informal commentary or news on a particular subject.

What is the purpose of the SMPS-GA blog?
Our blog is intended to be an educational resource for SMPS members on trends, topics, technology in the AEC industry. Additionally, it is content that is beneficial to provide to members, but not content rich enough to be included in our newsletter, Inspiration. 

Who contributes?
The Communications Committee is responsible for the blog, but welcomes outside information that our members will find helpful. Board Members, the Executive Advisory Panel, Speakers, and Chapter members will provide content for this blog. 

Blog comments
Members may post comments, but are required to be a registered blogger user. Comments should be professional. Comments are for members to provide additional feedback on their experiences related to the topic. The Committee will not respond to comments. However, you are encouraged to contact the Board with any feedback you feel would benefit the chapter. 

Final remarks
Thank you for taking the time to look at our blog. We hope you check back often and this blog becomes a valuable resource for professionals in the AEC industry. 

Happy Blogging!

Sarah C. Mackley
Innovative Solutions Group Ltd. (ISG)

SMPS-GA Director of Communications