Mentor/Protégé Program

Build Confidence in Your Career | Share Knowledge & Experience

Marketers are a social group by nature.

We interact with many, share information, ideas, and concepts in collaborating for business success. However, in developing our careers, sometimes it’s best to learn on a one-on-one basis from an industry veteran who has walked our path and can help us navigate through our struggles to build a successful career.

I Need Help:  

The SMPS Atlanta mentoring program is an excellent opportunity to advance your career with one-on-one industry and career advice from a seasoned professional.

The mentoring program is an excellent complimentary benefit available to all chapter members regardless of experience level. We will work to pair your needs and expectations with an experienced mentor in a similar role, or based on specific goals. Mentors are not job placement advisors, or resume writers; they are like-minded professionals interested in helping advance your marketing | business development career.

Click HERE for the Application.

I Have Knowledge to Share:

Remember when you started in marketing? Were you fortunate enough to have someone to call upon for guidance? Now is the opportunity to make a difference. Reinforce the fundamentals of solid, successful marketing by sharing your experiences and stories with those willing to listen and learn. Being a mentor is a very rewarding experience, and surprisingly does not take as much time as you think.e.

If you are interested in leadership and helping others, please contact Karen Chin to learn more about the program or register for the informational kick-off meetings.

*All protégé applications must include a resume.


I Wish to Share AND Gain More Knowledge:

Yes, it’s possible to be both a mentor and a mentee! With different levels of professionals in the chapter, we will try our best to build the best mentor | mentee pairing based on experience, needs and availability.

Click the link above for the Protégé Application.


Mentoring Program Overview:

  • Provide mentees with insight and knowledge from a local industry professional.
  • Provide mentors a forum to share their knowledge, provide insight and forge lasting ties in the professional community.
  • Involvement with the program is a one year commitment for Mentors & Mentees. Each pair will work on their own schedules. Meetings can be as simple as occasional phone calls, to monthly breakfast or lunch meetings.
  • Improve mentees’ marketing skillset to better complete their daily tasks, while learning new perspectives to enhance their knowledge and forge a clear path to reach their career goals.


Please contact Karen Chin  to learn more about the program or register for the informational kick-off meetings.

*All Protégé Applications must include a resume.

Karen Chin
[email protected]