SMPS Atlanta Diversity Awareness & Inclusion Statement

Dear fellow SMPS Marketers:

The world is changing. People here and abroad, in corporate America and organizations, are acknowledging the need for enhanced diversity and inclusion and we acknowledge it as well. At the SMPS Atlanta Chapter, we are taking strides to be a part of this global movement. In that spirit, our chapter is committed to this effort and breaking down any perceived barriers to inclusion by creating a culture that is enriching for all its members.

As an organization, our mission is to Advocate, Educate, and Connect our members. The SMPS Atlanta Chapter is dedicated to aligning this mission while promoting diversity awareness and inclusion in our industry:

  • Advocate - by being united as marketers in a common cause, regardless of race, and to be champions of change at our firms and in our communities.
  • Educate - to provide meaningful content to our members that will help advance careers within the industry.
  • Connect - to reach out and encourage our existing members of color to join committees and participate in more SMPS Atlanta events and activities.


This combination of our commitment to diversity and inclusion connected with our mission will take our chapter to new heights.



2019/2020 SMPS Atlanta Chapter Board