Business Lessons We've Learned from Dogs

For those of us under stress this morning from a weekend of holiday shopping and massive traffic on the way to work…a little humor from MyBUSINESS Magazine on secrets your dog won’t tell you:

    1. “Always greet customers with excitement and enthusiasm even when you just saw them three minutes ago. They never grow tired of thinking they’re the most important thing in your life.


    1. Don’t confuse you tail with a goal worth chasing.


    1. Sleep as many hours a day as possible, but always be ready to play when the chance arrives.


    1. Don’t be afraid to get dirty; in fact, relish it.


    1. When the big folks are feasting, if you know how to work things, you’ll be able to feast, too.


    1. Barking a lot is annoying; don’t do it often. That way, when you do bark, people spring to attention.
    2. Don’t bark at the mailman. He’s been known to have a dog treat in his pocket.
    3. The more you show that you don’t need a leash, the less you’ll have to wear it. Conversely, if you’re always tugging on your leash, you’ll always have to wear it.
    4. The joy is in digging the hole, not in hiding the bone. But it’s also reassuring to know there are a few bones hidden.
    5. Biting someone never leads to anything good.


    1. Continuously learning new tricks keeps you young.


  1. Fool your masters into thinking they are in charge.”

Ronald D. Worth, CAE, FSMPS, CPSM
SMPS National