Member Spotlight - Marketer of the Year: Laura McDonald, CPSM

The Marketer of the Year is the top award given out by SMPS Atlanta. Award recipients have made a significant contribution and demonstrated leadership in the marketing of professional services through mentorship activities, professional development, SMPS involvement, work experience, and references.

Laura McDonald, CPSM was awarded the 2019 Marketer of the Year due to her significant contributions to her company, SMPS, and the A/E/C industry. 

Laura McDonald has 11 years of industry experience and is a Senior Marketing Specialist with Terracon. At Terracon, she created an internal corporate workshop for interview prep and provided education sessions to her company on marketing and business development topics. In addition, Laura helped develop a mentoring process for Terracon’s marketing professionals. She also serves as a mentor herself. 

Laura joined SMPS in 2014 and achieved her CPSM in 2016. She has served on the committee for SMPS Atlanta Professional Development and was a previous Treasurer on the SMPS Atlanta Board. Laura currently heads the Programs Committee.

What inspires Laura as a marketing professional is learning and sharing. When her career began, she felt as though her career path would be difficult to navigate alone. After discovering SMPS, she learned of the thousands of other professionals who had similar feelings on acclimating to the industry. Laura then made a commitment to connect with AEC professionals to create a support system - thus making her a better marketer and connector for herself and her firm. Laura loves sharing her experiences with others in support of a more engaged community.