Member Spotlight - 2019 Award Winners

Each year, SMPS Atlanta presents three awards including Rising Star, Pacesetter, and Marketer of the Year. These awards honor stand-out members from all sectors of the A/E/C community. SMPS Atlanta is proud to recognize our 2019 award recipients.


Rising Star: 

The Rising Star Award is presented to a member who has demonstrated great potential as an A/E/C Marketer/Business Developer.

Melinda Colón is the 2019 Rising Star for our chapter. She is a go-getter, always focused on finding the best new ideas and executing it for our chapter’s success. She has worked incredibly hard over the last year as Membership Director, as well as in her several years as a member of the committee, to engage our new members in ways that keep them active and successful. Her committee has grown under her leadership to expand their reach into volunteers and implement member events and initiatives that engage both new members and veteran members. 



The Pacesetter Award is presented to a member who has been involved with the chapter for over three years, and who, through their achievements, has demonstrated that they are an exemplary A/E/C Marketer/Business Developer.

This year, Barb Hicks and Stephanie Dammen-Morrell tied for the Pacesetter Award. 

Barb Hicks has led our CPSM Study Group for several years, preparing detailed study guides and games to help our CPSMs grow and flourish. With the new CPSM exam, she’s worked tirelessly to create new materials, outlines, and course information for this group. Her involvement in our chapter does not end with her leadership of the CPSM Study Group. Barb has spoken at multiple events in the last 2 years and helps members with their graphics work. Barb joined from the SMPS Boston chapter and has used her experience from her time there to help our chapter grow.

Stephanie Dammen-Morrell is the brain and founder behind our Coastal Committee. She brought her experience from Colorado to our Atlanta chapter and has helped us grow our membership in Savannah to 7 people. Without Stephanie’s efforts to grow SMPS’s presence in Savannah, we would not have these members. She continues to lead this committee single-handedly, creating new experiences and events for our Savannah “Cru.”


Marketer of The Year: 

The Marketer of the Year is the top award given out by SMPS Atlanta. Award recipients have made a significant contribution and demonstrated leadership in the marketing of professional services through mentorship activities, professional development, SMPS involvement, work experience, and references.

The 2019 Marketer of the Year is Laura McDonald, a Senior Marketing Specialist at Terracon and a CPSM professional. She has made significant contributions to her company, SMPS, and the A/E/C industry.

At Terracon, Laura has created an internal corporate workshop for interview prep and provided education sessions to her company on marketing and business development topics. In addition, she helped develop a mentoring process for Terracon’s marketing professionals. She also serves as a mentor herself. 

Laura is also extensively involved in SMPS and the A/E/C industry. Laura has served on the committee for SMPS Atlanta Professional Development and was a previous Treasurer on the SMPS Atlanta Board. She currently heads the Programs Committee and continues to support events throughout the year.


Congratulations to all our 2019 award winners! Our members are the heart of our organization, and we are proud to celebrate their accomplishments and hard work.