Committee Spotlight - Communications

The Communications Committee keeps members and prospective chapter members up to date on all ongoing functions including educational and networking events, and helps celebrate members. The Communications Committee creates brand awareness for SMPS Atlanta through various communication efforts including the SMPS Atlanta website, fun graphics, blog articles, social media and weekly email blasts. In this fiscal year, the Communications Committee created SMPS Atlanta’s brand new website and created all new graphic materials to pair with the SMPS rebrand. In addition to managing the ongoing communication schedule, Communications Committee is responsible for executing all messaging out to members and coordinating closely with the board of directors on announcements.

Leading the vitally important Committee is Rachel Nix. Rachel has served as the Communications Committee director-at-large for the past four years. Rachel leads a Committee of eight marketing and graphic design professionals that help develop and execute communications on various platforms. Rachel is closely involved in all committee on-goings and coordinates with other board of directors on their essential messaging and scheduling of messaging.