Building Industry Leadership for your Firm


Want to attract the best people, bring in higher profits and have better business partners? Build industry leadership and it will come.

That’s the message Lisa Calhoun of Write 2 Market conveyed at SMPS Atlanta’s most recent boot camp, Becoming the Expert – How Marketers Can Make a More Predictable Sales Pipeline. She emphasized that in order to build industry leadership for your firm, it’s important to think about signal versus noise and to focus on marketing the experience of working with your firm by using an emotional approach.

One way to start that exercise is by asking yourself the question, “What is my firm best in the world at doing?” Is it a particular service? An industry sector? Maybe it’s the customer service you provide your clients – whatever it is, Calhoun suggests defining it and building your marketing message around that core piece of information. This will be why someone will want to work with or for your company.

When it comes to spreading your marketing message, Calhoun said the most successful companies are using at least seven different tactics, with blogging and face-to-face contact at events being the top tactics. LinkedIn can also be an incredibly useful tool, with opportunities to contact specific targets or prospects and increase your firm’s industry leadership through targeted and meaningful posts. Another tactic Calhoun suggested as a way to build industry leadership is through hosting webinars. They can be used to generate leads or test out material to take to industry conferences.

In order to create great content that not only builds industry leadership, but also leads to sales, Calhoun suggests doing the following:

  • Focus on how you solve pain
  • Work toward content with “maximum” credibility
  • Find short, low commitment ways to engage as a first point of entry
  • Follow up with a powerful connection as personal as you can make it
  • Track relentlessly


Post by: Brittany LuizMarketing CoordinatorGleeds