Member in the Spotlight - Rebecca Boyer

Rebecca Boyer serves as Marketing Coordinator for HGOR, a nationally recognized planning and landscape architecture firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

A focus on marketing wasn’t on the agenda when she began working as the receptionist at HGOR twelve years ago.  As her knowledge of the design industry grew and the firm’s commitment to creating great places for people that produced a sound return on investment and provide a stewardship ethic for future generations became clear, Rebecca found herself wanting to be a part of that process.

With a background in design and a passion and commitment to the message, she found herself sliding into the role of pulling marketing packages together, maintaining a consistent look to firm materials and ultimately corralling and attempting to “manage” the firms’ principals in a coordinated marketing effort.

In her spare time, Rebecca loves to scrapbook and can even be found learning a line dance or two.

"What I love most about SMPS is the support that comes from a strong group of like-minded people.  As a new member, the warm welcome and willingness to share information and experiences has been invaluable.  Over the past year, I’ve learned an incredible amount from our educational programs and from fellow members about our industry, standards and efforts."