Committee Spotlight: Education

The Education Committee, led by Michelle Erste, CPSM (Marketing Manager for Wolverton & Associates), plans and delivers the great education content that SMPS Atlanta puts on each year. The Education committee is responsible for our Boot Camp Series, which includes 6 monthly sessions from January to June focused on the 6 Domains of Practice, and our half-day and/or full-day education events. This year, we will have two half day events –golf lessons in May and a writing workshop in July. Education partners with the great speakers and teachers in metro Atlanta and the region to bring you the content you need to be the best marketer, business developer and professional in the industry. Education is also responsible for overseeing the CPSM Study Group that has successfully trained over a dozen new CPSMs in Atlanta in the last few years.

The education committee includes: Rebecca Boyer, CPSM (HGOR); Felita Bunn (CERM); Danielle Gray (DG Marketing); Jeanie Janson (KSI); Susan Johnson, CPSM (Pond); Cassie Joy, CPSM (BRPH); Eric Keens, CPSM (Stevens & Wilkinson); Matt Kraczon (Stagefront); Katy McNulty (The Preston Partnership); Alia Moussly (MC Squared); Robin Overstreet, CPSM (AECOM); Ernest Pullen, CPSM (Riverstone Group); Michele Redmond (Foundation Technologies); Kim Thompkins, CPSM (Pond); Chelsea Webb (PSG Construction); and Laura Young (Young Contracting).

Have ideas for education content you want to see in the future? We are all ears! You can reach us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Register Now for SMPS-SERC 2017 | The SunBuilt Conference 2017


Each year, participating SMPS Chapters located in the Southeast sponsor and organize a regional marketing and business development conference. The goal of this annual event is to bring together A/E/C professionals for three days of learning and networking in one of the participating Chapters’ city.

SMPS ATL is proud that 10 of our members will be represented at this year's SERC SunBuilt in Amelia Island, Florida March 6-8. Consider registering and sitting in on any one of these great programs.  We are fortunate to have such talented and experienced marketers in our fold. Sponsorships are also available!

Beth Harris & Kim Thompkins – Catch a Wave and Sitting on Top of the World: Making a Case for Certification
Beth Harris and Panel – Prime or Sub: Writing the rules to be the best teaming partner ever
Jen Hebblethwaite – Writing Champions: Editing and Proofreading for Better Proposals
Kim Williams & Lee Jarboe – Marketing & Business Development: Oil & Water or Peanut Butter & Jelly
Michelle Erste – KEEP CALM AND REBRAND ON: Rebranding Lessons from a Non-Expert
Danielle Gray – Confessions of a Content Whisperer: Cracking the Code to Extracting Content from Technical Experts
Emily Cannon and Panel – Closing Keynote Session: The Big Takeaways
Matt Frankel – Data Tells, Stories Sell! How to Go Beyond the Tata to Persuade Audiences