SMPS June 3, 2021 Professional Development Session 6: Budgeting in the Professional Services Firm - Moving from No to Yes

June 03, 2021
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Zoom Virtual Platform

Session Overview:

While a budget can feel like handcuffs to some, it is the first step to autonomy for a marketer. To arrive at a marketing budget that both you and senior management can be happy with, expenditures must be tied directly to supporting operational business plans and strategic goals. Most marketers understand this, but they struggle to communicate, track, and report their budget in a language that finance, operations, and senior management understands.

Attendees from every experience level will take something away from this session—from how to put together your company's first marketing budget, to more advanced concepts including: strategies to get a budget approved, best methodologies to track actuals, and partnering with finance to understand how your expenditures impact the bottom line of a company.

Learning Objectives:

  • Getting started - How to put together a budget where none exists (or enhance your existing budget). We'll work our way through a list of categories to get you thinking and show an example of how to set up a spreadsheet.
  • Communication tools to get a budget approved - Using your marketing expertise to sell your budget. Know your audience—what level of detail are they looking for? Understand industry benchmarking, variance reporting, creating your own historical budgetary benchmarks, and how to clearly present any proposed increases in the context of the bigger picture.
  • Setting yourself up for success in tracking your actual spend – Allocating expenses in a way that allows you to pull the data you need.
  • Keys to tracking against your budget to avoid surprises - Working with accounting to get regular reports with the data you need to understand exactly where you stand from month to month, providing the ability to correct any misallocated charges and avoid surprises.


CPSM CEU's: 1.5 hours
Domains: 2 - Marketing Planning, 6 - Organizational Structure

Featured speaker:

Betsy Hurner
Director of Marketing and Account Management, SSOE Group

Betsy has 20+ years of experience marketing the architecture, engineering, and construction management industry. In her role, Betsy oversees a team of 20 talented business-to-business marketers and is responsible for planning, staffing, and budgeting for all marketing, communications, proposal, and public relations functions. She also oversees business planning, research, and account management.

Betsy joined SSOE as a student intern in 2000. She has since served in various positions in marketing including communications, PR, and proposal marketing, rising through the ranks to become Director of Marketing in 2015. 

SSOE is a global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering, and construction management that has more than 20 offices across North America and India. A nationally ranked leader in design for semiconductor, automotive, chemical, and food markets, SSOE acquired Atlanta-based design firm Stevens & Wilkinson in late 2020 to bring the same level of prominence to their General Building markets. Learn more about SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson here:





Event Champions:

    Matt Kraczon 

  Patrick Stephens


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